Reimagining Yourself, Your Team, Your Organization

Unleashing the Power of Disruption

Great companies do not just respond to crises; they seize them as an opportunity to become better - to cast off what is no longer working and turn to new ways of doing business. The pandemic is requiring organizations to rethink how they enable agile,
sustainable, and innovative ways of working. It has presented a profound opportunity for organizations to set the state for a new way of doing business, one that will make them more adaptable, resilient, and innovative.

Collaborate with us to create a New Playbook for Your Business - a break through approach to creating transformative strategy, culture, leadership, and teams.


  • An In-depth and interactive consulting process with your Senior Executive Team

  • Explore where and why people are stuck

  • Identify and evaluate hidden opportunities within your organization

  • Employ exercises to reimagine the most mission-critical aspects of your business

  • Position you and your company as prepared and confident industry leaders


  • Understanding WHAT has disrupted your business and how to leverage that disruption for Positive Transformation

  • Knowing exactly what you need to "let go of" in order to reignite your business

  • Senior Team Clarity and alignment around more agile and innovative ways of doing business

  • Enhanced employee experience

  • Increased organizational innovation and market Success

We have a choice. We can remain limited within the constraints of an outdated and insufficient business model (Business as machine) OR we can releaseto reinvent - transcend to transform - through a playbook for business as a living system.


Lori Heffelfinger and Sally Breyley Parker are the co-founders and leaders of Unleashing the Power of Disruption™ through Implexiti.

2020 has changed the world forever. Is your organization prepared for what's coming next?


They bring a combined 60 years of experience in consulting and corporate roles, with deep expertise in scenario planning, transformational change, organization design, large and small systems change, leader and team development.

Sally B Parker

Sally Breyley Parker is co-founder of TimeZero Enterprises, an organization strategy, design and development consultancy. Her work unleashes the life force of organizations - naturally innovative, productive, profitable, and healthy. Her passion is social process innovations that release the authentic power of the human spirit.

Sally has led numerous transformation efforts for organizations in all sectors to improve performance, culture, and wellbeing. She speaks and teaches globally on Flourishing Living Systems and has presented at the Academy of Management, European Organization Design Forum (United Kingdom), Organization Design Forum, Creativity and Innovation in Management (Barcelona, Spain), Global Appreciative Inquiry (Johannesburg, South Africa), and a series if Designing Organizations for Sustainability Conferences in the US, Sweden, and Italy. She has authored articles and chapters on living systems, sustainability and polarity management.

She holds master certifications in Polarity Thinking, Advanced Strategic Organization Design, Theory U, and Biommicry. Sally has a BA Interior Design, a BS Cultural Anthropology, and an MA Cultural Anthropology (coursework) Kent State University.

Lori Heffelfinger

Leadership and Organizational Development Leader for over two decades, Lori has been instrumental in helping individuals and organizations get to the heart of issues that impact productivity, relationships, and the bottom line.

She has extensive experience working with Fortune 100 and Middle Market companies in the areas of: strategy implementation, organizational change, and leadership development.

Prior to founding the Heffelfinger Company, a managerial consultancy, in 2004, Lori led Organzational Effectiveness at Raytheon's $8B Electronic Systems business and was a Director of Organization & Management Development at Honeywell. She has also help Human Resource leadership roles at Honeywell/Allied Signal, Ashland Chemical, and Monsanto Company.

Lori holds an MS in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and a BS in Business Administration from the University Nebraska as well as certificates in Coaching and Organization & Systems Development representing 5 years of post-graduate study. Lori has taught in the MBA and MSOD programs at Pepperdine University.