Team Development

Senior Team Alignment

Every CEO knows that it’s important for their senior team to be in alignment on business strategy, goals, and decisions while at the same time encouraging individual business line/functional accountability, excellence, and innovation. THC works with CEO’s and their teams to create this type of alignment so your organization will have amazing business results. We provide a customized approach as well as a before/after assessment of team alignment using a trademarked Team Alignment Survey.

Team Coaching

We take a leader and their team (an in-tact leadership team) through a 3-12 month coaching process to help them improve their ability to deliver sustainable and inspired high performance. The work is a combination of coaching the leader, coaching the leader to coach the team, coaching and teaching the team to manage themselves in a way that leads to highly functional working relationships and outstanding business results.

5 Behaviors

  • The Heffelfinger Company is an authorized partner of Wiley Publishing and therefore able to coach teams using Wiley's trademarked program. The 5 Behaviors program allows a coach or facilitator to take the team through a team assessment and a facilitated process that uses Patrick Lencioni's 5 behaviors of a Team and Wiley's DiSC Assessment.
  • The Heffelfinger Company can either provide a facilitator for your team or teach you how to facilitate the process and debrief the assessment.
  • The process can run from 1 to 5 days over a period of several months.