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A Leadership and Organizational Development Leader for over two decades, Lori has been instrumental in helping individuals and organizations get to the heart of issues that impact productivity, relationships, and the bottom line.

She has extensive experience working directly with Fortune 100 and Middle Market companies in the areas of:  strategy implementation, organizational change, and leadership development.

Prior to founding The Heffelfinger Company, a managerial consultancy, in 2004, Lori led Organizational Effectiveness at Raytheon’s $8B Electronic Systems business and was a Director of Organization & Management Development at Honeywell. She has also held Human Resource leadership roles at Honeywell/Allied Signal, Ashland Chemical, and Monsanto Company.

Lori holds an MS in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University and a BS in Business Administration from the University Nebraska as well as certificates in Coaching and Organization & Systems Development representing 5 years of post-graduate study. Lori has taught in the MBA and MSOD programs at Pepperdine University.

A Business Leader for thirty years, James has worked in Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 firms, spin-offs, turn arounds and even started and sold several businesses. James applies this experience along with his life-long quest for personal growth to help his clients achieve and exceed their visions.

James has over 30 years starting up, transforming, and managing businesses from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 100 business units. He applies this business acumen and leadership, both as a business coach to small and entrepreneurial businesses and leaders in larger organizations. He enjoys mentoring and coaching others who strive to improve their leadership while attaining personal, professional, and business aspirations. 

James joined The Heffelfinger Company after selling Acme Clean Air, Inc., a specialty construction firm, which he founded in 2005 and built to a $1M business. James also founded and purchased three real estate development companies in his 14 years as an entrepreneur and successfully sold each.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, James spent 18 years with Monsanto Company, taking successively more responsible leadership roles in Manufacturing, and Marketing including running a team of engineers and managing a $400M business unit.

James’s education and certifications include: A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Detroit, an executive coaching certificate from the Hudson Institute of Coaching, certifications for Everything DiSC® Assessments and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ facilitator. James has also focused on personal growth throughout his career and has been on an intensive journey since 2000 with participation as a Vistage CEO (three years), Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara’s LifeLaunch®, and Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living®, Communication courses, and Wisdom Unlimited Curriculum.

Coaches and Consultants


Abigail is an international business consultant and executive coach. She provides cutting edge strategies to organizations seeking to develop extraordinary leaders, including those based on the latest advances in brain science research.

For over 15 years Abigail has been working with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), senior executives, emerging leaders, governing boards and teams to assist them in developing leadership styles that become legacies to emulate. Her distinctive approach, which combines neuroscience to enhance memory and thinking, with domestic and international business strategies, equips her clients with a unique perspective.

Abigail apart is her ability to personally relate to the high stake challenges and pressures facing her clients since for years she worked as a corporate executive and faced these same demands. 

Abigail holds a Masters in International Finance and Economics from Johns Hopkins University and has certifications in Coaching, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Negotiations.



Angie brings over 20 years’ experience to her work helping passionate leaders, teams and organizations achieve their visions of change. She loves seeing clients accomplish things they didn’t believe they could achieve. Angie is known for motivating people through common sense leadership, and having a knack for delivering direct feedback in a way that lands: 100% honest and 100% kind.

Angie started her career as a CPA and auditor at PwC. Upon promotion to manger, she moved into global Learning & Development, working in New York and London. After PwC, Angie joined 3M as a Six Sigma Black belt doing operational improvement consulting. With her background in accounting, process improvement and innovation, she gets the people side and the business side.

Angie has designed and delivered numerous training programs in and beyond PwC, some of which have been recognized in national media. She has trained hundreds of leaders at all levels and is a coach in the PwC Discover program. She facilitates a two-day negotiations workshop internationally, which could be described as the human element of negotiations. In the past, she has trained, coached teams, and worked on culture change initiatives around Six Sigma and operational excellence. And she recently coached change champions in creating a deliberately developmental culture.

Angie brings passion and authenticity into each and every one of her engagements. She loves helping clients go places they never thought possible, and in so doing, become a better version of themselves. She asks her clients to be human, courageous and patient as they awaken and lead change in themselves and their organizations.



Bonnie Wentworth has a proven 30-year track record of catalyzing strategic change and producing results for executive leaders and their teams. Built on a foundation of managing people, strategy, processes and services, Bonnie coaches, teaches and consults to executive leaders of successful organizations.

She has worked with organizations from early stage to Fortune 100, across diverse industries.  She has coached leaders and executives in Technology, Financial Services, Biotech, Higher Education, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Venture Capital, Telecommunications, and Not-for-profit.

Prior to starting her coaching career, Bonnie led a nationwide team as a Director at Charles Schwab, where she was selected consecutively as an award-winning leader who led transformational strategies amidst a period of extraordinary growth.

No stranger to complex organizational systems with competing priorities, resource constraints and time pressures, Bonnie is sought after for her proven ability to design and facilitate a generative outcome when the stakes are high. Bonnie’s reputation for providing direct feedback, asking difficult questions and safely surfacing the “elephants in the room” have earned the deep trust that enables her to work with executives at the top of their game.

Power and human dynamics fascinate Bonnie; her experience, theoretical knowledge and pragmatic approach inform and inspire her success with complex, high stakes groups of influential senior leaders.  Bonnie is a master level coach with over 3000 hours of individual executive coaching experience. 

Bonnie integrates life experience as a leader, competitive athlete, mother, volunteer, adventurer, learning junkie, change catalyst and human being in her work. 


Brad brings over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and people related issues to provide results for business and other organizations. He has extensive international experience in Europe, Asia and Australia and was on special assignment in Bosnia.

Brad previously was Director of Human Resources for a commercial division of TRW and held a variety of senior HR positions with BDM International (subsequently acquired by TRW).

He holds a MBA from Temple University with a concentration in Industrial Relations/Organizational Behavior, a BA from Juniata College in Human Behavior and the Organization. 

Brad has multiple certifications in Coaching, Organizational Development, Team Performance, and Executive Assessments. 

He has served on the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Workforce Committee, and the Corporate Advisory Council to the Women’s Center of Northern Virginia.


Brooke is devoted to empowering leaders who are driven by outstanding performance and career achievement for themselves and their organizations. Brooke is intrigued with how people communicate and the absence of effective or beneficial conversation makes her crazy. She utilizes techniques to help people tap into what they really want or need therefore enabling communication so everyone wins.

 Brooke’s experience spans a number of industries bringing over 30 years of leadership, corporate training, sales effectiveness and learning and development. She started her career in sales with Xerox Corporation that resulted in executive roles with P&L responsibility. Brooke went on to consult, coach, train and lead business development efforts for entrepreneurial companies.  She excels at assessing cultural needs, uncovering revenue opportunities, coaching strategic account teams and delivering bottom line results.

Specializing in relationship strategy and performance excellence, Brooke works with individuals seeking to establish and carry out their signature leadership abilities.  Her clients quickly gain new insights, which lead to strong self-leadership. Her work with teams brings clarity and confidence leaving everyone grinning with possibility and success. Clients build dynamic, customized plans to make real change with measurable outcomes.


For the last eighteen years, Heather has been focused on developing senior leaders, managers and teams. She has helped hundreds of people hone skills that bring greater ease and efficiency to their leadership roles. Heather has a unique ability to work effectively with individuals as well as groups. Heather understands human motivation at every level of an organization and brings this capacity to each client engagement. In addition to executive coaching Heather works in organizational transformation and has implemented mindfulness based programs that have won several awards:  Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Challenge, PCMA Prism Award 2010 for most innovative coaching program, Computer World's Award for Best Places to Work in IT, Genentech 2010/2011.

 Coaching: As an executive coach, Heather teaches smart leaders how to get smarter by accessing the intelligence of their head, heart and body; coaching the “whole” person.  This approach allows leaders to gain access to their strengths, learn to build satisfying relationships, and develop the capacity to make clear decisions, speak powerfully, and take appropriate action.   Using this approach Heather coaches an Executive Leadership team, supporting them in a large-scale transformation and re-shaping of their team; specifically helping them transition from a “service business” to a “technology platform”.

 Training, Facilitation and Keynote Speaking: Heather has spoken and facilitated workshops on the subjects of generational diversity, work/life balance and mindfulness and conducted workshops and team building sessions using the Enneagram.  She receives rave reviews from workshop participants and has helped thousands of people become more effective and joyful in their personal and professional lives.


Jeff Comins is an expert at developing highly skilled executives and technical experts into successful leaders. Understanding the challenges that face today’s leaders, he uses a skills-based approach to help build and leverage their talents. He is particularly effective at strengthening interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, executive presence, and leadership impact. Jeff also designs and facilitates leadership development programs that combine assessment, coaching and targeted training for executives. He is a skillful feedback coach, an energetic trainer, and an inspiring large-group facilitator.

Jeff works with senior leaders and their teams across a wide range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, high-tech engineering, and financial services. He has extensive experience coaching partners, engineers and scientists, physicians, lawyers and C-suite leaders. Jeff is certified in administration of multiple assessments including CPI260, EQi, MBTI-Q, FIRO-B, HDS, MVPI, VOICES and PROFILOR.


John Childers earned his JD at UCLA and began his career practicing law at a national firm. He has been a strategic advisor to law firms for thirteen years and is listed in Lawdragon’s 100 Legal Consultants You Need to Know.

John Childers completed the top advanced degree program in the United States that combines strategy and leadership development – Pepperdine University’s Master of Science in Organization Development. While there, John wrote his Masters Thesis on culture clash in mergers. After helping to build McMorrow Savarese, the top law firm consulting practice in California, John opened the Los Angeles office for Hildebrandt International. At the time, Hildebrandt was the largest global consulting firm focused on law firms.

John Childers understands the decision-making challenges at law firms of all sizes and offers his clients a highly developed expertise in group facilitation. In any consulting engagement, John helps firms put the most critical and challenging issues on the table and deal with them constructively. 
John is adjunct faculty at the Justice Leadership Institute at the U.S. Department of Justice and at California State University, Northridge.


Karen Jacke brings to her clients the wisdom and learning of 30 + years of experience as an executive, consultant, trainer and executive coach who develops leaders, products and brands.  Her 12 years in strategy and brand management at Procter & Gamble served as a foundation for her career.  After consulting at Apple, Intuit, Sun and Intel she worked for two venture-backed start-ups as a executive.

Karen coaches C-level executives to first time managers across a wide variety of disciplines and works with leaders with highly specialized functional and technical backgrounds as they take on greater leadership roles in their organizations.  Leaders working with Karen laud her ability to help them acquire the social and emotional intelligence required for them both to translate their capabilities into results and to build the resilience to sustain their high performance in the midst of highly demanding lives

Karen’s executive experience reflects a powerful combination of marketing, product management and organizational effectiveness.  In her first decade of consulting, Karen led major strategic planning, leadership development and change efforts at companies like Intuit, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer.  As a VP in the early days of Bigstep and SuccessFactors, Karen learned first-hand what it takes for start-ups to weather their adolescence to become sustaining organizations.  Early in her career, Karen spent 12 years in marketing and brand management at Procter & Gamble where she established a track record for both growing market share for some of P&G’s largest brands and significantly increasing retention rates and employee satisfaction.  Throughout the last two decades, Karen has led major strategic planning, leadership development and organizational change efforts at large and small, fast-growing organizations.



Laurie is an expert in the tools and processes of individual and organizational change.  As an Executive Coach, Laurie coaches newly hired or promoted leaders on how to make successful transitions, coaches teams at the top get aligned around a new strategy, goals or values, and helps high-potential leaders prepare for their next roles. Focus areas include leadership impact, executive presence, and engagement. Laurie helps leaders be more influential, think more strategically, and strengthen their relationships. She also helps build skills in inspiring, motivating, and coaching for high performance.

“My work with clients is always focused on well-defined results.  Clients appreciate that my coaching style is candid and direct.  I use in-the-moment observations, practical models and tools, and a good sense of humor to help leaders upgrade their skills, change their mindsets, and bring their best selves to leading.”

 Laurie is a founding partner in a firm that specializes in leadership and organization development.  Prior to this, she was a Vice President at Cincinnatus, a strategic leadership firm.  She has eight years of internal corporate experience in management and leadership positions in management development and organization development with The Pillsbury Company and Honeywell.  In these roles, she designed and facilitated leadership development programs and consulted to business unit leaders on team development, culture change, organization design, and change management.



Loretta is a leadership coach, executive advisor, trainer, and workshop facilitator who has inspired and coached many highly motivated professionals and teams in dynamic and constantly changing business environments.  

Laura has spent years understanding and interpreting how good managers become great leaders and how productive teams evolve into high-performing ones.  Loretta works with individuals at all levels of the corporate ladder, from C-suite executives to high-potential senior managers.  She supports newly formed, intact, and cross-functional teams.  Over the past 15 years, Loretta has delivered executive and leadership coaching and training programs to individuals and teams at a variety of large technology and healthcare companies, as well as several other small, medium and large firms in a variety of industries. 

Loretta’s effectiveness as an executive and leadership coach is grounded in her unique combination of extensive business experience and formal coach training.  Her understanding of business professionals and organizations is founded on 20-plus years as a Silicon Valley marketing executive.  Working in start-up, turnaround, and established corporate environments, Loretta has orchestrated multi-million-dollar brand and customer acquisition campaigns for products and services that have fundamentally changed the way consumers and businesses use technology. 



As a trusted partner for leaders in SMB’s to Fortune 500’s, Marc’s clients accelerate their development and achieve massive results:  attaining multiple promotions, rapid team alignment, and navigating change and transition with less pain and greater impact.

Using a unique blend of appreciative facilitation, kaizen, belief expansion, and neuroscience-based habit evolution, Marc partners with sponsors and talent managers to co-create customized scalable development solutions for building strong leaders, teams and cultures.  Marc’s clients rapidly move from acceptable to exceptional performance.  Leaders expand their thinking and commit to new levels of practice in a matter of hours.  They sustain these changes, embedding them into their routines within weeks.

Marc’s approach is appreciative, strengths-based, and purpose-driven.  Marc goes beyond mitigating weaknesses, focusing most of his energy on identifying, developing, and leveraging his clients’ unique gifts and purpose to become unstoppable forces of nature.  Leaders refine their essential skills to channel that energy into optimal team and organizational performance.

Marc has personally led strategic roles in operations, sales, marketing, and finance.  As Marketing Director for a global management consulting firm, Marc contributed to a rapid acceleration (2x) of client base in 18 months.  As Chief Financial Officer for the same firm, Marc’s strategic forecasting initiatives enabled a level of fiscal agility that was crucial to the firm’s survival through the 2008 economic downturn.



Marci Rinkoff is an Executive Leadership Coach and Organizational Development Expert, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in helping leaders who want to enhance their unique leadership talents to achieve greater business results, and a thriving work-life experience.

Ms. Rinkoff has held numerous leadership positions in the corporate sector. Prior to Heffelfinger Company, Marci served as the Director of Executive Coaching for Right Management’s US operations with P&L responsibility and as a coach to coaches across the U.S., APAC and EMEA. She understands the pressures women face in today’s increasingly fast pace of work, and is passionate about helping them navigate their way along a successful career path. Clients have seen proven results in the areas of career transition, communication skills, employee engagement, executive presence, strategic thinking, and stress management.

Marci has worked across an array of sectors including high-tech, financial services, manufacturing, along with international service firms.  She integrates large group intervention strategies, evidence-based coaching, and human behavioral research to help leaders create positive, productive work environments for themselves and for their teams.  She brings over twenty years of business experience and coaching, along with creativity and humor to her work. 

Ms. Rinkoff was also the National Sales Coach and Trainer for the Knight Ridder Corporation, an advisor to Women Impacting Public Policy and served as VP of Business Development for the American Productivity & Quality Center, a business research center in Houston, Texas.  

She is an adjunct faculty member for San Jose State University and the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership where she teaches Mindful Leadership programs. She is also actively involved in her professional community, having served as President of her local International Coach Federation chapter and is a current member of the Organization Development Network.


Mike Normant is passionate about helping leaders achieve their own potential.  His clients appreciate that this often requires doing a better job of helping their team members reach their potential.  Through heightened self-awareness, Mike helps leaders identify and breakthrough self-imposed barriers, fostering a shift in their leadership style.  This often involves an emphasis on communication skills and emotional intelligence.  While the focus of coaching is on job performance, Mike’s clients often experience benefits in other aspects of their lives as well.  Mike sees himself as being in the business of helping people change their lives for the better.

Surface changes may be easy to make, but typically don’t stick.  Doing the “inner work” to understand the drivers of outer behaviors provides the self-awareness to make lasting behavioral changes.  Mike knows that this is hard work and his clients appreciate his ability to bear witness to their situation as well as challenge their thinking/approach.

As a training and development leader, Mike trains leaders how to coach others and how to coach themselves via self-coaching.  Mike helps his coaching clients develop the ability to self-coach beyond the formal coaching engagement.

Mike has more than 25 years of corporate business experience.  Most recently, Mike led the global Learning & Development function at both eBay and ServiceSource.  Mike designed, developed, and implemented programs to help these companies scale rapidly.  From helping new employees (including executives) onboard effectively, to helping managers and leaders transition into new and larger roles, Mike has deep experience in assisting others in their career progression.  He has created many management / leadership development programs / curriculums.  The week-long intensive leadership program Mike co-created at one of his employers ran for a full 10 years after his departure and was a hallmark of excellence within that organization.

Leveraging his engineering degree, Mike spent his initial career years working for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) helping Fortune 500 companies implement large-scale systems integration projects.


Nicole Silverman is an executive coach and leadership development consultant in Oakland, California.  She coaches executive, senior and aspiring leaders to discover their authentic leadership style.  Nicole’s leadership coaching is focused on helping individuals become aware their leadership strengths and weaknesses, devising a plan for how to best improve their leadership effectiveness and impact, and supporting them through the changes necessary to bring out their best leadership capabilities.

Nicole has more than 25 years of experience directing all aspects of human resource functions.   She was Head of Human Resources for a privately held North American engineering professional services firm.  Nicole partnered with the executive team on strategic planning, succession planning and employee engagement.  Nicole directed a team of HR professionals that were responsible for employee relations, performance management, recruitment, compliance, compensation and benefit administration, and talent management.  Nicole served as Director of Learning and Development for a FTSE 100 company responsible for leadership and career development of over 7,000 employees worldwide.  She was part of a team that managed a global employee engagement survey administered to over 27,000 employees.  Nicole worked extensively with executives, senior and emerging leaders as part of an experiential accelerated development program aimed at high potentials.  She provided support and inspiration on their quest to understand their unique leadership talents, how they are perceived and how they want to show up as leaders.

Nicole is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute, the largest and oldest coach training school in the world.  Nicole uses a variety of development tools and assessments to support the growth and learning of her clients.  She has been recognized for her ability to establish rapport and build relationships relying on her ability to tune into the emotions and motivations of others.


Shannon Small balances deep knowledge of corporate world experiences, with her warm disposition and ability to quickly build relationships.   Shannon brings to her work both coaching skills and business experience.  Shannon offers her clients the acumen of a seasoned business professional, the dedication of a collegiate All-American student and athlete and NCAA Woman of the Year, and the resilience of a breast cancer survivor.

Shannon specializes in leadership development and career exploration and partners both with individual clients and leadership teams to help them get the results they desire.  She is passionate about the power of people to transform their organizations and make an impact on the world. Her style balances her compassion and humor with a commitment to excellence.

Shannon’s coaching approach is a blend of her coach training and her business experience.  Her coaching certification is from New Ventures West, which focuses on Integral Coaching, “looking at all aspects of a person to see what is getting in their way.”  

She has worked with large global firms in High Technology, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Biotechnology, Professional Services and the Non-Profit sector, as well as start-up companies ranging in size from 30-1000+.  She has also led workshops for top business students across the country with audiences ranging from 50 to 600.  Her passion for coaching emerged while working for a large global HR consulting firm, HayGroup.  While working on a project focused on employee attitude research, she realized that even global Executives who are committed to making change in their organizations get stuck.  She became committed to helping brilliant leaders make the change in themselves and with their teams that they believed was possible.

Shannon is also committed to her new community of Austin, TX. She sits on a non-profit board for (PCA) Positive Coaching Alliance, ensuring that young people build character through sports.  She also supports the re-development of local natural areas through Waller Creek Conservancy so that she can continue to enjoy Austin’s natural beauty.


Sophie is an executive coach and organizational development consultant specializing in organizational assessment and change management. Her work with individuals and organizations focuses on building on strengths to support real change.

Her background in theatre gives her the sensitivity, humor, and creativity necessary to work comfortably with diverse people and organizations. 

Sophie has extensive experience training groups in conflict management, leadership development, and building communication skills. 

Prior to starting her career in Consulting, she worked for an Executive Education Company, The OTTER Group, which provided customized distance learning programs from major universities. 

She holds a BA in Theater and Communications from Hampshire College and has done extensive training in coaching, creativity, facilitation, mediation (Harvard Mediation Program) and has certifications in various assessments and workshops.


Timothy Dorman offers executive coaching and leadership team advisory services to companies and institutions around the world from early-stage entrepreneurial ventures to truly global organizations. He has coached senior executives and leadership teams in a wide range of industries including high technology, health care, consumer products, financial services and manufacturing.

He delivers strategic leadership development programs in affiliation with the Authentic Leadership Institute, and in that capacity, has been an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Advanced Management Program at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and an Executive Coach and Facilitator of the Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School. He also is a Visiting Scholar at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut and Alumni Coach at Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies.

Tim brings an effective blend of general management experience in publicly held companies, twenty-five years of executive coaching and consulting, and nine years of corporate human resource management in the biotechnology, telecommunications and banking industries. He has managed human resources throughout Asia, rolled out a new business venture in Latin America, recruited in Europe and assisted in the start-up of a telecommunications joint venture in the United Kingdom,

Tim is a Board member and immediate past President of the Human Resource Strategy Forum. He also has served as a member of the Executive Coaching Advisory Board of the Conference Board.

Tim has specialties: in Global Coaching and Development, Change Management, and Leadership Team effectiveness.


Wally is a seasoned Executive with experience across several industries.  He takes pride in applying practical skills to help leaders engage their teams and deliver sustainable results.

Wally acquired more than twenty years’ experience as an internal HR Generalist and Talent Management executive with several Fortune 500 companies. He operated globally with C suite executives and senior leaders across medical device/technology, life sciences, consumer products, service/hospitality, industrial automation, and specialty gases/chemicals markets. He has designed, launched, and delivered enterprise projects through effectively partnering with and coaching executive teams and individual leaders.

Sample Engagements

  • Designed talent planning framework for a $2.5B medical technology segment. Aligned GM team to define and implement targeted talent strategies. For three years, this team led the enterprise in retention, internal advancement, and diversity objectives.
  • Supported a software services organization tasked to migrate multiple Business Units to a singular enterprise technology platform. Coached the executive team on socializing, designing, and implementing their project plan across multiple global stakeholders.
  • Co-designed and facilitated a strategy alignment session for the CEO staff of a multi-state, regional hospital system, emphasis on long-term strategy outlook and prioritization. 

Operations and Administration


Margo has extensive experience in the field of leadership and organization development.  She currently consults in designing leadership and organization development interventions and talent initiatives.  In addition, she provides customized web and graphic design from conception to delivery for such projects as websites, brochures, flyers, and branding.

Prior to external consulting, she led Leadership Development for the Aerospace Sector of Northrop Grumman Corporation and was Director of Organization Development for Sony Pictures Entertainment. In those roles, Margo developed and instituted world-wide programs in Talent Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Performance Management and Employee Engagement.

Margo holds a MS degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a BS in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University as well as an Advanced Professional Certificate in Graphic and Web Design from Sessions College of Design.

Robin Kramer is the Virtual Office Manager for The Heffelfinger Company in the Chicago area. She manages the back office operations and is responsible for managing technologies, handling financials, research, and project work related to our organization and client projects. When you talk to Robin, you’ll find her to be extremely efficient, friendly, funny and very bright.

Robin is proficient in Microsoft Office, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, data entry, proofreading, editing, transcription, voicemail screening, blogging; e-mail, social media and website maintenance; and web marketing. She has a BA in Education, certification as a paralegal and has worked in Human Resources. Presently Robin owns her own virtual office business and works with clients all over the United States in a variety of professional and managerial capacities.

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