Our ideal clients are more than just goal-oriented, focused,
and committed to excellence.

We work with medium to large corporate and professional services organizations that provide products and services nationally as well as internationally. The organizations we work with are in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
  • Architecture, Engineering &
  • Entertainment
  • Defense & Utilities
  • Technology & Electronics

Within such companies, we work CEOs and senior executives as well as department heads and “rising stars,” people with great potential who have yet to fulfill it. We work with individuals, groups, and departments depending on need.
They are passionate about their work, high-achievers dedicated to business results as well as finding ways to make their customer service and quality of work better. They have a tremendous desire to be number one in their marketplace.
Our ideal clients are visionary, often seeing beyond what their peers see. They see development of their leaders and organizations as a competitive edge. They believe that an investment in such development is a key strategy in leadership and game-changing capabilities in their industries and marketplaces.

…And our ideal clients are fun to work with!

Helping you solve the toughest challenges.
  • Your business is at a crucial point due to impending changes — such as expected growth, upcoming retirements, or environmental or market changes — and you now need to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in adapting to those changes.
  • You are concerned that you don’t have leaders ready to fill key executive positions in the near future.
  • You have challenges in your leadership team:
    • — Lack of alignment among team members around key business priorities.
    • — The team has a ton of potential as a group but isn’t realizing that potential through business results.
    • — Team members don’t understand or trust each other’s organizations, departments, and/or motivations.
    • — Team members are new to each other—or you’re new to the team—and in need of quick assimilation.
  • Your organization is not as productive as in the past.
  • You are faced with turning your company into a high-performing organization in a short period of time.
  • You have a direct report who gets results, but you’ve had complaints about how they get those results.
  • You have leaders in your organization who need to prepare for a new level of responsibility and leadership.
  • You facing or pondering retirement, wondering not only how to make a smooth and graceful transition out of your organization but what to do in the next phase of your life.

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