The Heffelfinger Company provides a variety of customized services to build leadership capabilities, which will significantly improve your business results. These services include:



Executive Coaching

This includes one-on-one coaching with executives and high-potential leaders in large organizations and professional services firms. The goal is to provide individualized and tailored leadership development for executives and high-potential leaders to help them improve their business results as well as to achieve career or personal aspirations.

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Leadership Team Development

The purpose of this service is to simultaneously develop leaders as a group as well as individually so that the leadership team is aligned and poised to accomplish business results that were previously thought to be impossible. The goals are to make sure all team leaders are:

  • Highly capable in their respective roles
  • Self-aware, confident, courageous, and open to feedback
  • Working to “win” for the team, which requires individual and team risk-taking as well as awareness of agreed-upon business objectives, and leadership and team values and behaviors to achieve those objectives

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Organizational Leadership Development

We believe that business results, execution on business strategy, and organizational culture are all the results of the capability and effectiveness of an organization’s leadership. And that business results happen because of talented leadership, not in spite of it.

We also believe that targeting your leadership development at a larger audience of leaders can significantly impact your organization’s ability to achieve the results you are looking for more quickly. Therefore, we provide specific experiential learning designed to ensure achievement of your organization’s business objectives through your leadership.

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Talent Management/Succession Planning

An organization’s viability rests, in most cases, with its leadership. When leaders leave their roles (advancement within the organization, lured away by a competitor, retirement, illness), there has to be someone capable of stepping in with minimal disruption. In today’s increasingly complex and competitive business environment, having the right leaders capable of handling your organization’s business challenges could be the difference between whether your organization succeeds or fails.

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Strategy and Change Consulting

We help businesses get headed in the right direction and provide change consulting to ensure you get there.

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